Saturday, October 25, 2008

Few interesting facts about SAP as company

Despite today’s not very optimistic times caused by financial crises worldwide and recent SAP’s announcement about behaving very costly efficient – means Big Freeze I would like to share some interesting facts about SAP. Basically SAP is world’s largest business application software company and 3rd largest independent software provider globally and…
Basis facts: //as of Jan-Jun 2008

  • 96.400+ installation of SAP software
  • 75.000+ companies run SAP
  • 51.602 SAP employees:
    • According regions:
      • EMEA: 26.563
      • APAC: 11.143
      • NAFTA: 13.896
    • According functional areas:
      • Software & Services: 6.651
      • Professional services: 14.057
      • R&D: 15.148
      • Sales & Marketing: 10.815
      • G & A: 3.367
      • Infrastructure: 1.564
  • Nationalities represented worldwide: 100
  • Nationalities represented at Walldorf: 88
  • Top 5 nationalities at Walldorf office: German, British, American, Indian, Russian
  • Average age: 37
  • Percentage of employee over 50: 5%
  • Average length of company affiliation: 5.3 years
  • Attrition rate: 1.8%
  • Percentage of women: 30%
  • Percentage of female people managers: 18%
  • Org. structure:
    • Office of the co-CEOs: H.KAGERMANN, L. APOTHEKER Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe (as of 7th of Feb 2010)
      • Research & Breakthrough Innovation: P. ZENCKE
      • Products: no designated person as of S.AGASSI departure
      • Production:  C. HEINRICH
      • Global Service &  Support: G. OSWALD
      • Customer Solutions & Operations (CSO): L. APOTHEKER
    • Finance & Administration: W. BRANDT (CFO)
    • Human Resources & Processes: C. HEINRICH
  • 12 million users in 120+ countries
  • 1.600+ Partners
  • 180.000 SAP partner certificates
  • 10.000 developers within SAP company
  • 10 international SAP Labs (Development Sites):
    • EMEA: Germany (Walldorf), France (Sophia Antipolis), Bulgaria (Sofia, Hungary (Budapest), Israel (Ra’anana)
    • APAC: India (Bangalore), Japan (Tokyo), China (Shanghai)
    • NAFTA: USA (Palo Alto), Canada (Montreal)

Furthermore I would not forget mention few words about SAP culture. Within SAP internal there is no exact dress code introduced; it is expected that everybody is dressed mannerly. Formal dress expected within business meetings with customers and for consulting people on-site location of course. SAP is well know for employing people with strong academic backgrounds like PHDs and professors to strengthen their R&D. SAP is famous for its patents as well.

-      Update 02/13/2010 – 
SAP is returning to co-CEO model as Apotheker stepped down as CEO. See details here.

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Daryl James said...

Thanks for the cool facts. It's always interesting to learn more about what's making up those great SAP Developer Trends.